Peoples Revolutionary Movement (PRM) Manifesto

People`s Revolutionary Movement Manifesto - 2019

Historical Performance

Social And Economic Reform

Key Points

  • Defend The Poor
  • Support Street Traders
  • Convert Security Guards To Full-time Workers
  • R10 Billion For Cooperative Businesses
  • End Crime And Corruption
  • Repatriate Illegal Foreign Nationals
  • Reduce Tariffs For The Poor
  • Increase Tax For The Rich
  • Reform Tender System
  • End Labour Brokers
  • Support The Taxi Industry

Crime Safety Initiatives

  • Local Crime And Corruption Fighting Network
  • Lifestyle Audits

Infrastructure Development

  • Community Services Projects
  • Cleaning Projects
  • Solid Waste Projects
  • Comprehensive And Sustainable Agricultural Initiatives
  • Health And Safety Project
  • Beautification
  • Maintenance Projects
  • Arts And Culture

Regional Focus

  • Focus On Improving Conditions And Providing Opportunities For South African Natives
  • Particularly In Poor Communities

Social Welfare Programs

  • Reduced Tariffs For The Poor
  • Increased Taxes For The Rich

Youth Empowerment Initiatives

  • Programs To Engage And Benefit The Youth In Community-based Projects

Cultural Heritage Preservation

  • Support For Arts And Culture Initiatives As Part Of Community Development

Public Transportation Policies

  • Support And Protection For The Taxi Industry