Democratic Liberal Congress (DLC) Manifesto

DLC Election - 2019

Historical Performance

Economic Policy
Social Policy
Environmental Policy
Education Policy
Health Policy
Public Safety

Key Points

  • Liberal Society
  • Property Rights
  • Equitable Housing
  • Service Delivery
  • Economic Development
  • Job Creation
  • Merit-based Employment
  • Soe Sustainability
  • Ppps
  • Anti-corruption
  • Austerity Measures
  • Police Reform
  • Gender-based Violence
  • Healthcare Improvement
  • Education Quality
  • Enhanced Social Grants
  • Youth And Lgbt Rights
  • Fuel Levy And Environment
  • Good Governance

Land Reform Policies

  • Opposes Without Compensation

Crime Safety Initiatives

  • Police Reform And Community Policing

Education Reform Strategies

  • Improvement Of Public Education And Opposition To Quota In Tertiary Institutions

Healthcare Policy

  • Infrastructure And Staffing Improvements In Healthcare

Energy Policy

  • Acknowledges The Effects Of Global Warming And Emphasizes The Need For Environmental Protection

Environmental Stances

  • Environmental Protection And Climate Change

Social Welfare Programs

  • Enhanced Grants For Pensioners And Widows

Youth Empowerment Initiatives

  • Youth Empowerment Programs