Build One South Africa (BOSA) Manifesto

A Blueprint to Building a South Africa That Works - 2024

Historical Performance

Economic Policies
Public Safety
Public Administration

Key Points

  • Jobs Creation
  • Economic Growth
  • Education Reform
  • Building A Capable State
  • Safety And Security Improvements
  • Energy Sector Revitalization.

Crime Safety Initiatives

  • Professionalizing Saps
  • Decentralizing Law Enforcement
  • Revitalizing Criminal Justice.

Education Reform Strategies

  • Overhauling The Education System
  • Focusing On Stem Subjects
  • Raising Teacher Salaries.

Healthcare Policy

  • Commitment To Improving Healthcare Infrastructure And Access As Part Of Ensuring Reliable Basic Services For Communities.

Infrastructure Development

  • Infrastructure Development For Business Support
  • Energy Sector Revitalization.

Regional Focus

  • Focus On Stimulating Employment In Disenfranchised Communities
  • Including Rural Areas
  • Through Infrastructure Development
  • Creation Of Township Special Economic Zones (tsezs)
  • And Diversification Of Industries. Aim To Transform These Communities Into Economic Hubs To Catalyze Growth And Development.

Energy Policy

  • Revitalizing The Energy Sector With A Focus On Reliability
  • Market Transparency
  • And Sustainability.

Public Transportation Policies

  • Ensure Safe And Secure Means Of Public Transport As Part Of Infrastructure Support For Business Development In Disenfranchised Communities.