African Democratic Change (ADEC) Manifesto

ADEC Manifesto - 2019

Historical Performance

International Relations

Key Points

  • Adec Focuses On Socio-economic Transformation
  • Governance Reforms
  • And Improvements In Education
  • Health
  • And International Relations.

Land Reform Policies

  • Support For Land Expropriation With Compensation And Effective Utilization Of Land In Restitution

BEE Policy Position

  • Transformation Of Bee/bbee Policies To Be More Inclusive

Crime Safety Initiatives

  • International Standard Training For Police
  • Redevelopment Of Correctional Services

Education Reform Strategies

  • Free And Compulsory Education
  • Improvement Of Education Standards

Healthcare Policy

  • Improvement Of Healthcare Facilities
  • Mental Health Clinics
  • Sti Vaccinations

Infrastructure Development

  • Development Of Industries And Housing
  • Infrastructure Development

Energy Policy

  • Shift To Renewable Energy Sources

Foreign Policy Views

  • Opposition To Chinese Economic Colonization
  • Unification Of Africa

Social Welfare Programs

  • Increased Social Grants And Pensions
  • Ensuring Basic Services