About - Elections24

Why We Built This Site

I'd love to tell you there's a grand, noble cause behind our mission – something along the lines of educating the masses, empowering folks to be better informed, and safeguarding the delicate spark of democracy.

And sure, all those reasons are part of the truth. But at the heart of it? We thought it'd be a fun. I've always been the type to collect and piece together all sorts of things - whether that's toys, books, random bits of information, or even puzzles and their solutions.

So, while our goals might sound lofty, the real reason we're here is pretty simple: we thought it would be fun. We're passionate about collecting, understanding, and sharing information. This project is just an extension of that passion - a way to dive into the complex world of elections and make sense of it for everyone.

Where does your information come from

Who are you?

I'm Lincoln, you can follow me at the bad place: @presidentlin

Disclaimer: According to my top fan (aka my mom), about 1 out of every 100 tweets I send out is actually pretty good.

Further plans?

- A lot of people have been asking us to introduce charts and live trackers, kind of like what the Americans have. Honestly, that sounds like a pretty cool idea. Who knows?

Got ideas or suggestions? We'd love to hear them! Drop your thoughts anonymously right here: https://forms.gle/1BghpCd8WeHa58Mm7